Bite Me is a special 14-installment series based on an undercover  stint at a supermarket to draw out lessons on how to better relate to challenging colleagues in the workplace and how to be a better colleague.

These “profiles” are based on real customers who wanted free samples of food.

It’s cheeky and deliciously honest.

For the full list:
The Humble
The A-Hole
The Slob
The Negative
he Snob
he Mute
The Righteous
The Culturally Insensitive
he Oblivious
he Frazzled

The Hanger-On
The Dilletante


Thank you for shopping

Thank you for coming with us on the journey to consider how our everyday behaviors and how they impact our relationships with others and our potential for professional success. The world is a small place, and our actions are noticed by others. Our actions speak to our ability to relate and work well with others. Our actions reveal who we are.

We’ll leave with a sample of some good resources if you’re curious.

Happy shopping.

Good Reads

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