BE with authenticity

we examine the patterns of the inner world & revel in the joy of rebelling against the status quo

connect with compassion

we explore the patterns of the relational & collaborate for the generative power of “yes, and”

act with wholeness

we evaluate the patterns of impact & imagine and innovate for a better tomorrow

client testimonials

don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Breakthrough – this word describes what it’s like to work with Dr. Chiu…. She gets to your core – and for the first time in many years, I’ve been able to answer the question, “What makes you get up in the morning.”

I have no doubt that individuals or groups working with Dr. Chiu will be nothing short of amazed by the experience.

General Counsel

Belinda’s depth and knowledge on mindfulness is astounding! She delivers more then just a warm-fuzzy talk about being mindful; she hits it home with the science. And then gives you practical things to do to make it a life habit.

Belinda’s positive energy and inspiring motives really pulled the entire event together. It wouldn’t have been nearly as good without her!

University Senior Leader

Belinda guides and probes into the recesses of your mind and soul to unearth your true passion and self…. The most important conundrum that I have faced in my professional career is how I balance my cultural values of humility with self promotion. Working with Belinda, I have learned to redefine my understanding of humility…Belinda and Hummingbird helped me redefine my values, my professional self and find my career path!

Impact Investment Head

Belinda has a rare gift…. She has the ability to make everyone feel important and valued. Her style is rooted in enthusiasm and deep knowledge, which creates a safe environment for learning, exploration, and discovery.

It is an absolute pleasure to watch and feel her create MAGIC!

Former Member, US Ski Team

Belinda is AMAZING. She is great at asking the right questions and getting you to think deeply about what motivates and drives you. She also helped me define my leadership style and gave me many tools to continue to think about and develop the way I lead. I also found her just a joy to work with and I would recommend her to everyone else here!

International Agency Leader

My story is pretty simple: I’m a high-achieving minority woman so focused on “getting there” that I hadn’t ever stopped to identify where “there” is and subsequently lost myself.

Working with Dr. Chiu has given me the opportunity to reflect on my life experiences and goals, to better understand my own career and educational trajectory, to identify my talents and skills and to gain the confidence that comes from this knowledge.


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