SIFT: Strategy-Ideation-Facilitation-Training

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Too much information and not sure which direction to take? Need a fresh perspective? Want less talk, more action?

With experience working with diverse clients and organizations, we bring situational and cultural awareness to every situation. We help you “SIFT” through information overload and get to action.

Bringing over fifteen years of expertise in group facilitation, training, and moderation, we facilitate ideation and leadership development trainings to help you and your teams to move forward by resolving challenges creatively, sparking innovation, and building productive working relationships. We get your brain juices flowing and sharpen the mind to identify the best opportunities.

We position you and your teams to be the best of the best with thought leadership and strategic consultation, pushing you to uncover your possibilities. Giving honest and multi-perspective analysis, we’re not here to make you feel good. We’re here to help you be successful.

Want to facilitate your own teams more effectively? We train you and your team to refine facilitation skills to increase impact.

We push you to ask why not


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