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Stuck in your current position and not sure where to go next? Feeling like your head and heart are misaligned? Want to know what you’re really good at? Hate public speaking? Want to increase your presence?


Based on proven processes to increase confidence and skill in public speaking and training, Hummingbird rcc uses over fifteen years of experience in recruitment, evaluation, training, facilitation, and leadership development to help you harness your inner strength to forge an impactful outward presence. Rooted in positive psychology and mindfulness, we help you uncover – from the inside out – your inner firealign your interests, skills, and desires, stand out, and take bold steps to be the best version of you.


MindfullivingWhether you are looking for a major career change, a new job, or a promotion, we work together to identify your true self and skills, and design an action plan to make your “ideal” a reality. Sessions are customized with a mindful approach to personal and professional effectiveness. We also specialize in coaching for women, young professionals, people of color, immigrants, teens, and underrepresented individuals who face particular challenges with cultural, racial, and gender stereotypes and barriers.

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MBTIAre you energized by people or by ideas? Do you wish you were a planner or do you wish you were more spontaneous?

We administer personalized sessions for the Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator, one of the world’s most used assessments, to uncover your natural preferences and help guide your development. We help you to reach a better understanding of yourself not to only appreciate your authentic self, but also to raise your impact on and to better relate to others.

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Rooted in positive psychology, we approach everything from an asset-based, not deficit model. Pioneered by psychologist Martin Seligman (watch his talk on the Three Happy Lives), this is the scientific study about what is going right – the positive emotions, character, institutions, relationships, and achievement that lead a more authentic, happy, and meaningful life.

We are well versed to help you identify and leverage your natural strengths through Gallup’s StrengthsFinder and the VIA Institute on Character’s VIA Survey, both of which are the leading validated assessments on natural strengths and talents.

What are the differences between the assessments? StrengthsFinder is a great tool for understanding natural talents and skills in the work place to answer: what’s the best you at work? The VIA Survey is a great tool for understanding universal and core character strengths in all domains to answer: what’s the best about you as you? 

We work with you to understand, reflect, explore, and activate what’s going right with you to help you be the best version of you.

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PublicspeakingWant to improve your communication skills? Hate public speaking of almost any sort?

We work with you as an individual or in groups on identifying areas holding you back from being effective and (more) confident speakers, presenters, or trainers. Integrating voice, movement, and group management, we challenge you to capitalize on your strengths to become a more natural and confident presenter. Our mindful approach allows you to practice and refine ways to be more present and create a strong presence, whether speaking in front of one or one thousand.

We don’t help you get rid of the butterflies – they’re important to give you that extra boost of adrenaline to be “on.” We help you get the butterflies to fly in formation – and in the direction you want them to fly.

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Nervous about the “elevator pitch?” Tongue-tied when someone asks who you are or what you do?

Effective leadership and public speaking requires constant practice and refinement. The fact is that your impact and ability to lead are also influenced by factors, such as your height, accent, or ethnicity.

We use tools to prepare you for powerful communication and effective networking. We offer a M.A.G.I.C. Branding workshop is a 3-session series that helps you develop your own personal brand and deliver your message to become a more powerful communicator and networker.