5 Ways to Ignite Others

don't ask why. ask why not.

5 Ways to Ignite Others



We also know of individuals who inspire a similar sense of awe – those folks who make us pause and inspire us to do more, try harder, or think differently. Being able to motivate and inspire others is not inborn, characteristics of being strong influencers and motivators can be learned. Being the sparkplug carries with it great responsibility to effect change for the better.

1. Take a stand
We are often drawn to those who seem so brave for standing up and speaking up. Inspiring others doesn’t necessarily have to mean starting a protest, however. It could be something as seemingly small as having conviction about something. Having convictions tell others that you have the confidence and integrity to believe in something and not be beholden to peer pressure.
2. Find Your Flame
A great article by Thomas Barta noted the importance of identifying what our core values and motivations are to use them better to inspire others. That “flame” may to help others reach their potential, the willingness to take risks, or a deep commitment to people. Whatever it may be, find out what you are willing to fight for.
3. Share a Story
People love to listen to stories. Just as we were captivated by them as children, we can better engage others by articulating our points through story. By drawing them into our worlds through imagery, language, and emotion, people are more invested in what we have to say – enabling us to evoke certain reactions and actions.

4. Find Inspiration
Inspirational people will never tell you they believe they are inspirational. Rather, they will tell you who they are inspired by. For us to be able to ignite others to feel or do something different, we need to understand and be inspired by others. It is a cycle of positive energy.

5. Don’t Overtry

When someone tries too hard to get others to be excited or think differently, it comes off as inauthentic and wholly uninspiring. People respond to honesty and when you truly believe in something, others are more likely to recognize that and be excited by it.
One of my favorite talks is a simple but powerful concept on how great influencers inspire others. Simon Sinek uses the concept of the Golden Circle to help us make a small communication shift that has powerful consequences. Others get excited not by us describing the “what,” but appealing with the “why.” Once we can tap into people’s emotional realms, we can get their buy-in and maximize our impact.