Week 38 to Mindful Transformation: Meditate

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Week 38 to Mindful Transformation: Meditate

by admin June 25, 2014

Welcome to 52 Weeks to Mindful Transformation. Each week, we offer a small, practical action step to practice. Why small steps? Because it’s the little things that lead to big transformation. By mindfully practicing these simple, realistic, and accessible ‘to do’s,’ you may find that over the next 365 days, your possibilities for transformation to be limitless.


We often mistaken meditation for “doing nothing.” Meditation is actually an active process, requiring presence of mind and body. Try it for 10 minutes. Build up eventually. Don’t overthink or think that there is only “one way” to do it. Let the thoughts come and go. Don’t hold on to any one thought, but don’t try and wish the thoughts away. Daily meditation will eventually become a way of life – a way to remain presence and increase mindfulness.

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