5 Ways to Come Back to Life

don't ask why. ask why not.

5 Ways to Come Back to Life


With spring comes births and new awakenings. While we celebrate nature re-wakening, we often struggle with waking up ourselves. It could be literally, waking up in the mornings, or more figuratively, waking up and stop moving around the world on autopilot or being stuck in a rut with spinning wheels. This is a perfect time of year to give pause and reflect on how aware and present we are in our jobs and in our personal lives. Are we living each moment, or are we passing the time until the next day? Are we hoping that the alarm doesn’t go off to avoid another day of the same ole’, same ole or are we ready to jump out of bed in anticipation of the great things to come? It is so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day that we go through the motions without really connecting with our actions. It is as easy to get stuck in a less-than-ideal situation, and ones that are even toxic. We must give ourselves time and permission to explore ways that jolt our brains and reinvigorate our spirits.

1. Be present

Mindfulness and meditation are not trends. They are proven to help us stay present in the moment, rather than work on autopilot. Take time to pause and take in the sounds, smells, ambiance, emotions, and activities.

2. Be open

We can fall into a rut easily when we think we have learned all we need to know or that there is no point in trying new things. By continuing to be childlike in our approach to the world, we can stay more open to new opportunities.

3. Pick up or drop a habit
According to many yogis, it takes 40 days to develop or break a habit. Rather than just keep on doing what you always do, identify one thing you’d like to learn or stop doing and stick to it for 40 minutes. Jumpstart your own habits that ma have become rote.
4. Shake things up

We often become so accustomed to going to work the same way, starting the morning the same way, and on and on. Routine gives us stability, but it can also stifle us. Shake things up a bit – take a detour on your way home. Test out a new app to manage your to-do list. Do something that might get others to scratch their heads and wonder, ‘that’s not like you.’ Give it a go – you won’t break anything by doing it differently just this once.
5. Broaden perspective

Ever get stuck looking at the same thing and then once you walk away and come back to it, the “ah hah” moment comes? Periodically check in with yourself and look at the same issue from other perspectives. What would your best friend say about it? Your neighbor? Mister T? Adopt a different frame of mind to help you get your own juices flowing again.