5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Have More Freedom

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5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Have More Freedom


Last time, we talked about why Entrepreneurial Freedom is a lie. So why are some entrepreneurs and freelancers so successful and seem to be living a life of freedom and self-direction? Because these individuals don’t pretend that they don’t have constraints or rules – they just make rules work for them.

1. They use constraints to refine ideas. Rather than letting constraints define them, successful entrepreneurs and freelancers see constraints as a way to help narrow their focus, refine their products and services, and position themselves as experts in their niches.

2. They change society. Freedom-loving entrepreneurs and freelancers don’t disengage from society – and societal rules – they seek to change and impact those around them. They understand that they work within the boundaries of others – and so work to transform those relationships.

3. They remain themselves with a twist. Successful entrepreneurs have a consistent personal brand and image – and know how to filter these images according to their platform. How they report to their shareholders differ from how they engage on social media with their customers. They understand the nuances of a consistent, authentic core, but also the need to code shift when necessary.

4. They work to exceed expectations. Those who take the initiative to do their own thing are not escaping expectations or denying that expectations exist. Rather, they work hard to exceed others’ expectations of them and delight them, increasing their client and fan bases.

5. They use limitations as a foundation for growth. Entrepreneurs and freelancers who seem to do no wrong don’t dwell on what doesn’t work. Limitations, failures, compromises are all part of the learning process and only serve to help them and their businesses grow. Limitations provide the stability to be creative.