8 Ways to Stretch Yourself

don't ask why. ask why not.

8 Ways to Stretch Yourself

We all have our natural preferences. With CPP’s help, here are some ways to grow yourself in ways that might not feel so natural at first. But the more practice we have in what might not be as comfortable for us initially will only help us be more versatile and whole.
Extraverts: before you jump into action immediately (we know you want to), count backwards from 10. Breathe. Wait 1 hour before doing anything.
Introverts: before you go back to your desk to finish a project on your own (we know you think it’s faster), check in with one person to brainstorm or get feedback.

Sensing: step back from the data and details of whatever you’re working on and spend 30 minutes creating a topline summary or overview of what’s happening.
Intuitive: use at least three specific data points or details that help support your overall point.

Thinking: take a few minutes to share your personal story with a co-working. Ask and listen about the other person’s story (not just his or her achievements or tasks).
Feeling: try verbalizing your needs with simple, direct, and concise commentary. Avoid any words that are not necessarily to get your point across.

Judging: take one day where you don’t use your to-do list – just be open to what happens that day.
Perceiving: take one day where you list out your to-dos and a schedule. Follow it.