Finding Your Way: 5 More Lessons from the Camino de Santiago, Part 5

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Finding Your Way: 5 More Lessons from the Camino de Santiago, Part 5

As mentioned in a previous article, my journey on the Camino de Santiago taught me many lessons to carry out in my personal and professional life. This five-part series highlights 17 lessons on Finding Your Way to help guide us during those times when we may be a bit overwhelmed or anxious about which path to take in our professional (and personal) lives.

The Cathedral, Santiago

13.Lesson #13: Don’t lose sight of passion
Remember what gets you excited to wake up: think back to childhood, your hobbies, when you are most relaxed.

Find ways to work or play with your passions: not all of us can work full-time with all our passions, so find outlets to do so.

Remain open to how your passions and interests change: be open-minded to how you change and grow. Embrace new passions.

14. Lesson #14: Take risks & welcome change
Be adventurous: see the world, learn about it.

Try something different: to change is to grow. Step outside of your comfort zone.

Assess what you want, what you can do, and what you need to take that step: each step gets you closer.

15. Lesson #15: Take pride in your work

Take ownership of your work: it’s not helpful to anyone by trying to minimize your role.

Be proud, not boastful, of your achievements: recognize what you have done, don’t wait for someone else to do it.

Acknowledge your role and agency, and acknowledge help you received: remain humble and recognize those who helped you on your journey.

16. Lesson #16: Go beyond the world’s end
Even when you “get there,” push yourself further: don’t just complete the assignment, go above and beyond.

Stand out: you can be easily overlooked otherwise.

Don’t be afraid of the unknown: find the courage to do what others might be afraid to.

17. Lesson #17: There are many roads
You walk with people, but you walk alone: it’s your path, your journey, only you can walk it.

Finisterre, the End of the World

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