Finding Your Way: 4 More Lessons from the Camino de Santiago, Part 4

don't ask why. ask why not.

Finding Your Way: 4 More Lessons from the Camino de Santiago, Part 4

As mentioned in a previous article, my journey on the Camino de Santiago taught me many lessons to carry out in my personal and professional life. This five-part series highlights 17 lessons on Finding Your Way to help guide us during those times when we may be a bit overwhelmed or anxious about which path to take in our professional (and personal) lives.

Hanging out with friends at San Fermin

9. Lesson #9: Find encouragement
Build a support system: find people who will encourage you.

Ask for help: it’s not a sign of weakness by asking for support.

Find methods and ways to keep yourself on task: what gets you going and refuels you? Make sure to have those handy for getting over the “humps.”

10. Lesson #10: Honor your limitations
Push yourself, but don’t hurt yourself: you’re not any good to anyone, including yourself, if you get hurt. At the same time, don’t shy away from feeling uncomfortable.

Stop if it’s painful: Sometimes, it’s just not the right time. Regroup, retrain, and retry. Retry. Assess the situation to find out why it is difficult – is it the approach? Insufficient tools?

Don’t be stubborn: it can get you nowhere fast.

11. Lesson #11: Find your own pace
Find your own speed: a good speed is your speed.

Don’t make it into an unnecessary competition: your career and life are not races
Rest: if you need to rest, rest.

12. Lesson #12: Have fun
Love what you do, and do what you love: easier said than done, but once you find it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t before.

Enjoy what you do more often than not: it isn’t all roses and sunshine, but it should be more sunshine than not.

Relax: embrace the anxiety and let it pass.

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