Finding Your Way: 4 Lessons from the Camino de Santiago, Part 2

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Finding Your Way: 4 Lessons from the Camino de Santiago, Part 2

As mentioned in a previous article, my journey on the Camino de Santiago taught me many lessons to carry out in my personal and professional life. This five-part series highlights 17 lessons on Finding Your Way to help guide us during those times when we may be a bit overwhelmed or anxious about which path to take in our professional (and personal) lives.

1. Lesson #1: Be prepared & pack light
Bring the essentials: prepare your toolkit by identifying and streamlining what you really need for the journey. Is it a particular technical skill that you can take anywhere?

Pack light: don’t be slowed down by things you think you need. The multitude of certificates you think you need? Do you really need for where you are going?

Be prepared: it can rain at any moment. Consider what can serve as “rain gear” in the event that your plans get wet.

2. Lesson #2: Pay attention to signs
Stop at the signposts: don’t just rush ahead. Stop and assess where the different directions may take you.

Pay attention to signs: your instinct is telling you something. Listen to it if the path you are about to embark on doesn’t feel right. Consider whether it’s your fear or it truly isn’t right (the Roman Way down the Pyrenees looked scary as heck, but it was worth overcoming the initial fear).

Read the signs: the signs tell you how far you need to go – and whether you are prepared for it.

3. Lesson #3: Follow guides
Follow arrows: it’s not always necessary to forge your own path. Learn from others’ experiences

Admit what and when you don’t know: ask for help.

Find mentors: become one too.

4. Lesson #4: Learn to work with people
Embrace company: be a part of a team

Learn from others: everyone has something to teach, and something to learn.

Constantly hone your people skills: learn manners, make small talk.

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