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For Organizations

Building on over twelve years of experience in the for-profit, not-for-profit, and academic sectors, Hummingbird rcc provides program design, research, and strategic analysis to help your organization stand out as a global leader. We also provide customized workshops to help your team members be more effective contributors and to negotiate cross-cultural contexts.

Customized services include:

  • Qualitative and ethnographic research, focus group moderation, interviews, and cultural analysis
  • Organizational development training and facilitation
  • Innovation and ideation session facilitation
  • Robust quantitative research and analysis
  • Global program strategy development and management
  • Strategic communication, publishing, and consulting

Strategic qualitative, quantitative ideation, research, and analysis

Hummingbird rcc supports organizations to create and implement effective strategies and programs based on robust data collection, analysis, and evaluation. We have experience in qualitative research and evaluative techniques, including structured interviews, focus group moderation, ethnographic research, archival research, content and cultural analysis. We have also the capabilities for quantitative research methodologies and analysis, including market surveys, SPSS, and modeling.

We moderate and engage with groups to generate new ideas and innovation, working with clients ranging from senior management of Fortune 500 companies to three-year old children. Working with diverse audiences, we bring situational and cultural awareness. With specialized expertise in the educational, non-for-profit, children’s media, and the food industry, Hummingbird rcc stays up-to-date on trends and information impacting these sectors.

Global program design and management

Do you want to internationalize your existing program? The word “global” is popular right now – “ everyone seems to be going global. But going global is not simply putting a U.S. program overseas or expecting a global team to integrate seamlessly on a project.

Hummingbird rcc offers customized services for organizations and academic institutions on global program design, development and management. Providing thought leadership and constructive feedback we use creative solutions to help you be innovative leaders in your field. Specializing in international education and exchange, we offer advisory services, process and system design, strategic planning, relationship building, evaluation and assessment, program coordination and implementation. We work with you to build capacity, identify market opportunities and reach strategic alignment.

Organizational development training and facilitaing

There is no doubt: we work in teams. We may work in formal or informal teams, but one of the most important determinants of success is the ability to work effectively with others. However, we do not always have the tools to most effectively build productive and rewarding working relationships.

Understanding your individual members’ strengths can help your organization to become more aware of how they impact others, and how others impact them. Hummingbird rcc helps your team to identify their  own strengths, weaknesses, and behaviors so that your organization can work effectively and at its best.

Cross-cultural communication and international development

Do you want to help your team members be more effective communicators? Do you have an international team and are facing cross-cultural differences?

As organizations become more global, there is also greater potential for cross-cultural differences, misperceptions, and conflict. Factors such as ethnicity, accent, and gender affect how your team members are viewed by others. Hummingbird rcc customizes cross-cultural leadership, networking, and communication training to help your teams build the skills to negotiate these issues and become more effective leaders and contributors to help your organization succeed.

We also understand that the process of writing grants, proposals, and reports is often seen as an arduous task. Often, it takes an objective perspective to prepare the most effective document. Hummingbird rcc works with you to ensure that your written word most effectively communicates your message and best positions you in a competitive field.

With a successful track record, we provide constructive and careful analysis and consulting to help prepare, write, and edit proposals, grants, reports and other work for publication. We also provide editing services for presentations, articles, and journal submissions.

Presentation writing presents a different challenge, and with experience in writing and delivering powerful slide presentations, we help you to streamline and make effect your message.

Sample clients:

  • Dartmouth College
  • FHI360
  • GBCHealth
  • Kellogg’s
  • Living Social
  • Western Carolina University

Sample workshops:

  • M.A.G.I.C.: the art of communication and networking
  • Finding Your Way: Lessons from the Camino de Santiago
  • Negotiating the 3Ps: parents, passion, potential
  • Authentic Asian Americans: developing APA leaders
  • Asian Americans and College Admissions: Getting In and Making the Most of College

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